Whether the PTC is extended beyond 12/31/12 will be decided by the US Congress, very shortly. Time is of the essence here!

Right now, lobbyists advocating that US taxpayers shell out at least $12 Billion more to fund their pet project, are intensively campaigning federal legislators to vote for a PTC extension.

Congressional representatives need to hear from educated taxpayers on this issue! Even conscientious representatives will be biased, if all they hear is one side of the story — which is the case to date. After you have gotten up-to-speed on this issue (especially with the material on the Home and Job Claims pages), then the most effective option is to have a face-to-face meeting with your Congressperson (in DC or at their local office). Be prepared, be polite, and be brief.

The next best option is to phone. Here is an outline of what to consider:

1 – Any Senator or Representative can be reached by calling the general switchboard at 202-224-3121. Another good source for all Congressional phone numbers is here. If you are calling your own representative, calling their local office is often the best bet.

2 – As a minimum, please contact all of your own representatives. It would be VERY helpful if you would also call those legislators listed below as being “on the bubble.”

3 – Your thought process is that these are good people who have been provided very biased information. Your call is to put some balance into the situation.

4 – Once connected, you have three choices: a) leave a short message for the congressperson with the person answering the phone, or in their voice mailbox; or b) ask to speak to the congressperson’s energy aide, or c) ask to speak to the congressperson’s chief of staff.

5 – Message Suggestion (use your own words):

Give your name and any applicable background (e.g. you’re a scientist). Your call is about the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit. [If there is a specific bill pending, you can mention that.] Your position is that there should NOT be an extension of this credit (or any other credit, like the 1603), as it makes no sense to burden taxpayers to support a high-cost, low-benefit source of energy. Likewise, it makes no sense to fund an industry that is a net jobs loser, and a drain on the economy. If the Congressperson wants more details, reference them to this website: PTCFacts.Info.

For a conversation, simply be prepared to support this basic position by going into some of the details explained on the Home, Job Claims and More Info pages.

6 – Below is a list of (mostly Republican) Senators and Representatives who have sent mixed signals — i.e. at one time or another, they indicated support for a PTC extension. Our assumption here is that this was an honest error, most likely due to the fact that they were only told one side of the story. Our hope is that after they see the PTC in a more accurate light, that it will be extremely unlikely that they will then vote for any extension.

Note 1: Americans for Prosperity has a worthwhile petition for businesses and organizations to register their objection to a PTC extension. Go here to sign that.

Note 2: Americans for Prosperity also has a good page to contact congresspeople about the PTC. Go here to use that.

Note 3: FreedomWorks has a page to contact selected congresspeople about the PTC. Go here to use that.