As we mentioned on the intro page, AWED (Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions) is an informal coalition of citizens and organizations who believe that: 1) we do have energy and environmental issues, and 2) such technical matters should be resolved by applying real science.

All of our efforts (including this website) are from donated time and effort on the part of committed citizens. We have received zero funding from any source for our efforts to promote better energy policies.

As common-sensical as that sounds, this is NOT what is happening today in the US. Instead, lobbyists are essentially writing our energy and environmental policies. Who do they represent? For sure it’s not taxpayers, or ratepayers — or the environment. They are paid by clients who have economic interests, or clients who are promoting political agendas.

Regarding the PTC, the lobbyists are now out in full force to extend this handout. We are citizens who are advocating an All of the Sensible” energy policy. “Sensible” sources would be those that have scientifically proven NET benefits in the areas of technology (e.g. reliability), economics, and the environment.

Wind energy has no such scientific proof. In fact, independent assessments have concluded that wind energy is a net loser on all three fronts. This is why it makes zero sense for taxpayers to be throwing more Billions of dollars to prop up this 18th century technology. Enough is enough!

Feel free to email us any questions, or to get our periodic email energy & environmental newsletter — which currently has some 10,000 readers. Email AWED.

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